One of my first drawings - a self-portrait - I erased so many times in one spot there was a hole in the paper where the eye should have been. The best advice I ever received -- my pencil was broke in half, the eraser portion thrown away; then I was handed the comics out of the newspaper and was told, “learn from others.” Forty-four years later, I can say I never erased again. I have been influenced by so many artist, from the masters to cave paintings, yep, I once tried cave paintings on canvas.  

My Process: I take photographs and bring them back to my studio for projects in painting, drawing, or ink. After determining which photo or photo’s to use, I study them looking for layers. The first layer sets the tone for the entire painting, which sometimes does not show through the final painting.  Most of the time I use gallery wrapped canvas.

I have exhibited in several fairs and I have original acrylic artwork in many homes and several business.

Living in Idaho gives me a great deal of inspiration, from its mountains, forests, wild waters, and wild animals. Idaho also offers a variety of vegetation, farms, ranches, ranch and domestic animals. 

Inspiring others to create art, music, visual, etc. - PAW